Current Work

A selection of my current work is: 

"Noncommunicable Disease Perceptions in the Elderly of Aceh, Indonesia."
Joint work with Farah Diba and Dr. Marthoenis from Syiah Kuala University as well as Anna Reuter, Lisa Rogge, and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer from the University of Goettingen
"The  Impact of Referral Letters on Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Regression Discontinuity Design"
Joint work with Asst. Prof. Carlos Riumallo Herl from Erasmus University Rotterdam 
"Home HIV Testing for Older Adults and Their Family and Community Members: a Three-arm Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural South Africa."
Joint work with the HAALSI team from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, University of Witwatersrand, and INDEPTH Network

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